The Organic Process Design Kit (OPDK) is a design kit that was specifically developed for Organic Thin Film Transistors (OTFTs). It is a software package based on silicon transistors that uses real properties of the OTFT.

With the help of Cadence Virtuoso and HSPICE, it enables computer-based verifications on circuit and layout designs, and significantly reduces design load for large-scale systems.

The OPDK software, installation instructions and user manual can be downloaded using the links on the left, and contact/support information is below.

The OPDK was designed by the [VLSI Group] and the [Organic Electronics Group] at the University of Minnesota.

By using the OPDK, you agree to acknowledge the "Organic Process Design Kit, online: http://opdk.umn.edu" in your publications.

Acknowledgements: This project was sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The OPDK is based on the open-source FreePDK™ process design kit framework from NCSU.

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